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Meatballs & Microphones: A True Story about Small Kitchens and Big Dreams

Being a cook and a rapper is hard work. Thankfully there are drugs to make it better.

They say out of all the aspiring rappers trying to make it, only 1% will ever find mainstream success. Gregory Patrick Travers pens a fiction-like memoir of the ups and downs of Vancouver rapper, joBlow. One of the 99% who didn’t. Set in the years 2010 to 2014, not only does the book give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of underground hip hop and the politics of the chain restaurant industry, but it places you in the timeline of notable Canadian milestones like the 2011 Stanley Cup riots, the Occupy Movement, and the 2010 Olympics.

Meatballs & Microphones is a raw look into how one man’s chase for fame led to the destruction of every personal relationship he ever held dear. From bad band breakups to his struggle with addiction, to being homeless in order to pay for his tour expenses, this book lifts the veil of glamour surrounding fame and focuses on the hardships and downfalls that come with it.

“…one of the most compelling, gripping novels I have read in a long time…”- Amazon Review

Published 2019

Bald Guys: The Greatest Conspiracy Never Told

If you are bald or you know anyone who is bald, this hilarious adventure will take you through the stigmas, the stereotypes and the history of this strange, misunderstood race.

After losing his hair, his girlfriend and his job, teen actor and heart-throb, Timothy Hawkins, struggles to find a reason to go on. Until one rainy night, he is stopped by a mysterious man who reveals a secret about the bald race that has been covered up by secret societies for thousands of years.

Now he and his best friend Peter will head across province lines to learn, once and for all, the truth about male pattern baldness.

“Refreshing for us bald guys…” John. T Capps, III (Founder of Bald-Headed Men of America Est.1973)

Published 2016

The Hastings Watchman Collection presents a four-story collection about the Vancouver superhero known as “The Hastings Watchman”. Follow young reporter Jake as he teams up with the Vancity vigilante to face such fearsome foes as The Hooded Killer, The Hipster, The Freak and…uh…the new intern.

In the first story, greenhorn journalist Jake Dunlop investigates the disappearances of some of the Lower East Side’s homeless, only to discover business mogul Axel Benjamin may not be as clean as the city of Vancouver thinks. A vigilante named the Hastings Watchman is lurking in the night. But so is a hooded killer named…The Hooded Killer.

In the second story, Jake is back, only this time he is bored out of his tree, covering the election campaigns in Vancouver. Things start to get spicier than fall latte’s when a hipster by the name of The Hipster kidnaps Jake’s date, a doctor named Susan Drake, and forces her to administer a secret drug that results in invincibility. The Watchman returns to subdue the Hipster, revealing secrets of his past in the process. This election, there are two choices–live, or die!

In the third story, Jake learns from the new intern about an environmental scandal at the hands of Axel Benjamin and he and the Watchman attempt to expose the crime boss once and for all. But when a man-lizard freak known only as The Freak washes up on the shores of Vancouver’s English Bay, the Watchman is forced into another fight he may not have the strength to walk away from!

In the fourth story, Jake is injected with the Rejuvicell and takes on the role of the Watchman to put an end to the Freak’s murderous rampage. With Susan by his side, they battle Axel Benjamin, the Freak, and a titanium alloy exoskeleton controlled by a scorned, vindictive intern with revenge on the brain. The stakes are high and the odds are against him, but an unsuspected ally might help even the score. This series is part of the early works of gritty, urban author Gregory Patrick Travers.

Published 2017